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Bermuda Paradise

'Bermuda is a group of tiny islands in a turquoise sea calling you…to an interlude of enchantment, an adventure with beauty… to a semi-tropical paradise where you’ll bronze in the sunlight and glory in the moonlight'. [text courtesy of Bermuda.Com].

A paradise island set in the middle of the Atlantic, Bermuda is fast becoming the next island of choice to experience a Caribbean carnival. Bermuda is beautiful, in as much as the people, through experiencing an abundance of over-friendliness and exuberant acts of kindness. The Bermudians know no other way, everyone will stop and say hello and no one is in a hurry. In fact, no one will pass you unless they have greeted you in some way. Help is so easy to find as people are just so willing to aid your journey. Relaxed, it is inspiring and not just a place to fete so if you have time, there are many places to discover, with lots of beautiful beaches and hidden coves to experience. The currency used is the Bermudian Dollar but they widely accept the US dollar also, with $1 US dollar equalling to $1 Bermudian dollar, so check out the best rates of exchange for the best currency to buy in advance, as you could be better off buying US dollars.

Getting to Bermuda

You can get direct flights from the US and London and arrive in Bermuda the same day. Clearing customs can be long, as they check everyone and every suitcase very, very carefully. However, they are the most gracious and polite agents I have ever come across. A sheer delight to engage with, such friendly government staff making you feel completely at ease, to conduct their required searches.

In terms of the transportation, it is actually easy to get around as dozens of taxis roam the island, but just beware of the costs and try to get an indication up front. The main use of transport tends to be a moped, due to the car policy in Bermuda. So, it is important for all travellers to note that Bermuda restricts car ownership and car rental to local residents. You simply cannot rent a car in Bermuda, however, they have only recently allowed tourists to rent electric cars and can cost you from $100 a day; it also can only fit two people! Other than that, you have to rely on taxis, bikes, or the popular mopeds.

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